Property Developer Solutions


At Property Developer Solutions our focus is very simple, "start with the end in mind". If a Developer has a land bank of sites which are at different stages of planning , this is where we can assist. If structured correctly, it is possible to legally substantially reduce the taxes paid by UK Property Development Companies. This means more money will be accessible to the owners of the Company or more available to utilise in further developments. Our approach also reduces the UK taxes through the construction and eventual sales process ensuring more funds are available.

It is possible with our solution to legitimately remove most of the taxes associated with Property Development in the UK from planning gain to construction and eventual sale.

We offer these tax savings by having a team of UK Property Developers and specialist Tax Planners. As we have a specific knowledge of UK property and a thorough understanding of tax, we have developed a process which will legitimately reduce UK taxable profits. This approach has been successfully adopted on a large number of our own sites so we know it works.

When designing our solution it was fundamental that we would not fall foul of HMRC Legislation and the process would be robust in a rapidly changing tax environment faced within the UK. We have designed an extremely tax efficient process specifically for the UK property sector. This allows developers to do what they do best, whilst we maximise their returns.